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Welcome to Reborn Baby Doll & Art Class Time &  information page...


 Early 2018 dates to come soon

**NOTE:  PLEASE ADVISE Class dates may be cancelled or changed throughout the year
due to unforeseen circumstances including; illness, annual Doll Fairs, events or festivals where we attend annually. Also seats are not held for students who have too many absences this not only affects myself, but importantly takes away from those who would be eager to attend & who may have been patiently waiting for a vacancy to become available in class
Thanks for your understanding & consideration 

2019 Term one (class is full)
Starts February 16th 9:00am-1:30pm

COST PER STUDENT: 1st class choose kit allow up to $160  +class fee $35 class&1/2=$52.50
 DOLL CLASS FEE - $35.00 flat fee. For regular 9:00-12:00 class and additional $12:50 for half class where added. THIS INCLUDES PAINTS, BRUSH USE BOTTOMLESS TEA & COFFEE additional costs not included include with this fee is your doll kit and other supplies needed along the way.
{Conditions apply when enrolling for class}

General Art Classes are $25.00  with most materials supplied {exception of large canvas/boards or large sheets watercolor paper which is available for purchase} 


***Reborning classes: Held fortnightly, learn to 'Reborn' your own unique baby from start to finish! And DON'T WORRY you can join in any time as there's no catch ups required because this is an ongoing class and not a scheduled   workshop.  We have a wonderful time in class, its always exciting watching the next baby being Reborned, along with plenty of chatting and fun all around. I teach a beginners/intermediate class where you will learn to make your very own reborn baby doll from start to finish, including learning how to micro root your babies hair. You just wont believe it!
* Classes run fortnightly on a Saturday only 9am--12noon
~ ~ Price per Class lesson ~ $35.00
Class & half $52.50
Extras needed along the way will include blank Doll kit that is required when you start Doll class, body, fillers, eyes, lashes, mohair and various tools etc..
Materials list is provided along the way
Frequently asked question:

Q ~ Do I need any painting experience to create a Reborn Baby?
No not at all, most people that come to class have no prior knowledge of painting, but no need to worry you are assisted all the way through and I promise you will take home a baby you will be proud of!  
I have been teaching art for almost 20yrs so you will be assisted and encouraged all the way!
Q ~ How many lessons will I need?
Multiple lessons are required for completion of one baby,
This amount will depend on how easily you pick it up, and as everyone works at their own pace, allow anywhere 6-8 lessons or more?.. A lovely baby takes patience and time  by not rushing you will create a much nicer baby that you will be proud of and you will simply adore!
Q ~ If class has already started will I need to catch up?
Not at all, new students can start anytime, because this is an ongoing class & not a workshop people are all at working at different paces and are often at different stages with their babies.
Q ~ Where are the Classes held?
Classes are held within my Home Studio, East Maitland NSW
{My air~conditioned studio easily accommodates 8-10 students comfortably 
 With adequate off street parking,
at a convenient location close to public transport if needed}

*Class requirements:*
To Begin...
For those who have some gear already please bring the following to
class Baby Doll Kit (vinyl parts), Drying stand (optional), GHSP Paints, odorless solvent, round latex sponges, assorted brushes, 5 freezer bags, pillow case, hand towel. Once you have these  you are ready to begin! 
your class fee $35 tuition.
If you do not have any gear for Class don't worry! 
Gather the basic materials needed to bring to class these are:
 packet round latex sponges pct (Big W-Kmart-Makeup department)
hand towel
5 freezer bags
 old pillow case

After booking to your first class please allow anywhere up to $135-$145 for an unpainted/blank Doll kit this allows for many baby choices.
 plus the additional $35 for the tuition.
You probably wont use the entire $145 but this certainly allows plenty of choice with baby doll kit options.
**** please note: All other items needed for completion of your doll can be purchased as needed along the way as needed.
*More information or BOOKINGS*
phone:  0400-362-762 

Art Class- What We Do information...

As the saying goes... Your Never too young or too old to do Art!
It's a lot of fun for everyone
During class all students have the opportunity to either learn or build on their painting & drawing skills using a large variety of mediums including acrylic, charcoal, pen, ink, water color & colored pencil & more...there is no set task in class students are encouraged to work on any composition they choose. If they don't have one a subject selection will be offered to them.

Classes are: $25.00 per student per class, class is per fortnight, All materials are supplied in class with the exception of canvas or full  sheets of W/c paper. These are available to purchase from me for an additional fee. A picture framing service is also available at affordable prices.

Students especially those whom have an interest in the Arts forge ahead eager to learn new mediums, techniques and styles always arriving to class filled with  a combination of joy, vigor & enthusiasm. This is a wonderful way for the Artistically minded folk to get together to pursue their creative endeavors... there's a lot of fun, creativity and chatting...during class students are encouraged to learn tonal & com positional skills as well as discovering light and shade to enhance their work. At a level that is within each students artistic range.

In the past all students who attended classes had the opportunity to have their work displayed or for sale on this website (privacy assured) as well as being able to enter Local Art Shows or Exhibitions as they become available throughout the year. Where students had the opportunity to either sell their work or be eligible for an Art Prize within their chosen section entered.. This not only built great confidence and focus as an Artist (budding or otherwise) but also rewards  students with possibility of a sale. For those who chose to enter shows or group exhibitions learnt what it takes to fill out art show entry forms, complete work within the Show or Gallery guidelines, while meeting time schedules for exhibitions, this is valuable footing for any upcoming artist who is wanting to express their art either as a hobbyist or go on to be a professional.

*I have had many students go on to win Awards, sell their work regularly and be offered opportunities that will help establish their footing within the Arts community.

If you are thinking of attending art class, please contact me for availability of space.  Classes do vary in size, and this can change quickly so bookings are essential; Classes are available on a fortnightly basis Please phone or email me with any inquiries or questions regarding classes. thanks

If you have any further questions that may not have been covered on this page feel free to contact me for a chat!

Thank you.



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Cathy Brady Artist Hi Phillippa, Lovely to hear that Baby Ryan is bringing joy to the aged residents & the possibility of having you join us again in class to make a bubby girl would be delightful .. Big hugs Cathy.
-- Cathy Brady Artist , 5/10/12

I had a wonderful time attending classes to create my first reborn baby, Ryan. Thanks Cathy. We take him to Aged Care Facilities and get very positive reactions from baby-loving residents. I hope to return to classes soon to make a baby girl.
-- Phillippa, 5/10/12


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