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Watch the interview here ~ Weekend Sunrise 7 Network

Watch the interview here ~ Weekend Sunrise 7 Network

7 Network Australia 
Aired Sunday 21st January 2018

“I have been blessed with many lovely comments phone calls from many people across east coast AUS. Thank you to everyone for your absolute kind comments, well wishes and support after viewing the segment. 
I would dearly like to thank my friend Janet who after my Nursery was pulled down for the arrival of builders helped me hastily put the house back together for filming in a mad rush!. BIG HUGS to you my friend couldn’t have pulled off getting it back together without you” xox Cathy

“After 7 Networks ‘Weekend Sunrise’ visited Monarchs of the Hunter - owned and operated by Jan Hugo Royal enthusiast & Collector
Where they filmed her museum of collections covering all thing Royal. They saw my babies of Prince George and Princess Charlotte I had made for Jans museum and hence contacted me for a story about my Doll Making and work I have done for TV and film industry. While filming my in my home studio and Nursery 
We had a big day of filming 5-6 hours all up. 
It was a great day with much information passed on to interviewer Paul Marshall they filmed me painting, discussing babies and so much more. 
Thanks Sunrise it was a lovely segment, and special thanks for taking the time. 

If you missed it...
You can see it on Facebook SUNRISE 
OR on catchup 7plus
I aim to get a link 
That I hope to attach here after it has gone to air. 

Thanks so much for reading and your support

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