CATHY BRADY Realistic Baby Dolls
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I am awe of Cathy’s incredible talent at bringing these baby dolls to life through her meticulous attention to detail. I’ve just received my second doll, which will be gifted to my youngest daughter this Christmas. I can’t wait to see her response when she opens her gift on Christmas morning. I am most confident that this new addition will bring much joy and hours of wonderful play for my daughter. I can’t recommend Cathy highly enough, both for her skill as an artist but her after sales service in providing ongoing care and clinics for customers if they so choose.
-- Leah Snaddon , 12/11/19

Today we received our first ever reborn baby, artistically brought to life by Cathy. A beautiful premmie boy ordered for our daughter to collect and play with. He arrived beautifully packaged. We are just in awe at how life like this little bundle of joy is. The attention to detail on his little face and body is incredibly realistic right down to his little eyelashes, finger nails and wisps of hair on his head. We took him shopping ( couldn’t resist ) and the shock on people’s faces when told he wasn’t a real baby was priceless. All credit to the lovely Cathy for creating these amazing dolls. Highly recommended, we will definitely be adding more to our collection. Thank you again Cathy Kind regards, Laura Everts
-- Laura Everts, 12/5/19


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