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Hand painted hair on babies

Hand painted hair on babies


When you adopt or order a Reborn from Realistic baby dolls, your baby will have hand painted hair.  For some time I stopped micro- rooting hair due to hand and shoulder problems.

As you can see hand painted hair is quite lovely and it is also very durable and can be easily touched up if need be. 
The sample photos show only one style and colour.
 however hand painted hair can be short, longer, thick, thin, dark or fair, newborn or suitable for an older baby too. There’s no end to the looks. 
Many babies with the gallery have hand partied hair click on the images to see other samples there too.

there are a variety of shades if natural hair colours that include:
Browns light medium & darks
Almost black & black 
Blonde shades 
Red tones as well

For Fantasy sculpts colours of any kind can be used.  Scroll though gallery of babies to find the merbabies

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