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Reborn Aboriginal Baby ~ Charlie ~ SOLD/ADOPTED

Reborn Aboriginal Baby ~ Charlie ~ SOLD/ADOPTED

There's a little story about baby Charlie..
Remake over..
I've always wanted to do a little aboriginal child, but have never seemed to find the right doll... then one day I visited a lovely lady who also had quite a fondness for reborn babies, where I viewed her extensive collection.  Off to the side I noticed a cabinet with a few lonely dolls and mentioned to her that she hadnt shown me these ones yet. They were her unwanted babies. Charlie was amounst them.. I asked to have a look and when she got her out I was a little dismayed the doll was painted terribly with what looked like permanent texta eye brows and was desperately needing to be bought back to life.

After settling on a price, the poor little orphan came home with me.. straight away I begun the process of pulling her apart so I could  begin repainting & reborning her again... after many many hours she is now completed.
I have named her Charlie after an Aboriginal I have memories of while visiting the northern Territory as a child.

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i am a 13 year old female and i really like charlie but i have a budget from my mom of $160 and i can pay for shipping
-- Demari, 8/3/10


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