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In Loving Memory...

In Loving Memory of our little dog 'Pippa' she was the Best Dog EVER!

Pip will be sadly missed by our family, we have a wonderful treasured memories of joyous moments we all shared with this amazing little girl.. Thanks Pip

 Pip sadly passed 1:38 am Dec 1st 2011 with us all stroking her coat and kissing her farewell , Pip Blessed us with her Birth Nov 28th 1997 and joined our family Australia Day Jan 26th 1998. Pippa was an adorable natured Cav, always Happy, Playful, Loyal and Abundant in LOVE. Best Dog EVER! Farewell my Dear Friend.
Sad news....
We have now lost Pips mate Muffin..he was 16 when it was his time to go. He was never the same since Pips passing he missed her terribly & the space she left could never be filled... but I am sure they are both playing and running around in Heavens garden having the time of their lives together now. thank you Muff for being a special part of our lives and loving us all as deeply as you did. hugs and rubs dear friend


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Helllo Hello Cathy i am so sorry to hear about that im in love with cavs but i have never had one.......SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY
-- Georgia.Beckingham, 7/12/12


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