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I was handed your pamphlet at heal for life. I currently have a reborn but I am looking for eyes open and possibly custom made if I don’t connect with a baby. I would like to make a time to come to the nursery. Kind regards Susan ❤️
-- Susan, 11/21/23

Would like to be informed of any doll fairs you may be attending after March 2020. Thank you
-- Renai Norman, 3/1/20

Hi Cathy, Thank you for your time on the phone today. I will keep an eye out on your website should any dolls become available. thanks Jessica
-- Jessica Thompson, 12/9/19

I love my beautiful bub made by Cathy, her amazing skills brings my little into reality, all this amazing little details and the love she puts in her work. Totally recommended. Love Araya
-- Araya, 11/4/19

I’m having trouble getting into the site where I can buy or order a reborn baby. This will be my very first one ever, I would like to order it for 2019. How long does it take for 23 inch and your price. Thanks Fiona orminston Cleveland area.
-- Fiona Denyer, 11/16/18

Hi Cathy, Please add me to your mailing list.
-- Susan Packham, 12/9/17

Amazing talent. Jade
-- Jade , 11/13/17

-- Debbior, 1/6/17

Hi falling in love with your baby's
-- Kayleigh , 2/24/15

I am stunned by the beautiful babies on your site. Cannot wait to receive my baby boy.
-- Helen Walkinshaw, 9/15/13

Terrific work Cathy a real pleasure to visit your site again! Have a Merry Christmas and a great new year !!!
-- James Lasenby, 11/27/10

Beautiful work Cathy ,your colors and detail are terrific in your pieces.It is great to see that your work has found other destinations around the globe.I'm glad i found this site to show some of my work on.
-- James Lasenby, 11/7/09

Hello Cathy, I have just found your site and truley love your art! I also paint and find great inspiration from others who "make it look so simple" as you do. If I could be informed of your exhibitions I would be keen to see your work and learn about local exhibitions available to enter.Blessings to you.
-- Renata Daniel, 4/28/09


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