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Reborn Baby Doll - GALLERY

Reborn Baby Doll - GALLERY
To Dear Cathy, I purchased beautiful baby Hayley from you a good couple of years ago. I must say every day I change her clothes in what temperature the day is going to be so she does not get too hot or too cold. I love holding onto her as she feels as heavy as a real baby and she reminds me of my real first born baby Hayley. So I also enjoy snuggling her up in her beautiful bassinet bed to sleep and then when she awakes I put her into her rocker out in the t.v room with me and then I can just admire her all day every day. So I loved her so much I ordered another beautiful baby from you and she looks like my second baby girl Katelyn, so I named her baby Katelyn she is due to arrive any day now. So we are super excited for her arrival. Thankyou again Cathy for helping not miss my children as babies so much as these babies have certainly filled that spot. Xxoo
-- Naomi Thomas, 10/29/18

Dear Cathy, thank you so very much for this amazingly life-like doll. The feel, the weight, the head movements, the facial expression, everything is so wonderful that she really seems alive. It is such a thrilling, unexpected and maternal feeling that words cannot begin to adequately describe it. My warmest and fondest season's greetings to you, Sabina
-- Sabina, 12/18/13

Thank you soo much for my two little angels Luca Jane and Krista Adele. They have bought me soo much joy I adore them. Like Isabella they have come to work (aged care) where they have given soo much joy and peace to many, I feel soo blessed to have them in my life.Many thanks you have made many happy even an old woman whose family want her certified lol.
-- Janet, 7/3/12

Cathy Brady Artist Aaaw thankyou Janet, it's so beautiful to hear Isabella is bringing joy to not only yourself but the aged as well, it's amazing how heart warming these babies can be! thankyou again for letting me know God Bless xxx
-- Cathy Brady Artist , 2/25/12

Thanks Cathy for Isabella (Timothy). She gives me such joy, Isabella now comes to work with me sometimes bring joy smiles to many aged care residents
-- Janet Bull, 2/25/12

Cathy Brady Artist Hi Anne, thankyou for your beautiful comments, I enjoy creating these babies and bringing them to life.. God Bless you and may he send both you a precious Angel your way very soon! xxx
-- Cathy Brady Artist , 8/27/11

your baby dolls are just so real... i love just looking at them,,,makes me feel so good,,,im married, yet trying to have a baby...being depress ,reborn doll makes me feel good...and your babies...aww they are just amazing, beautiful,and i wanna have them all,to keep my hopes up that someday ,i could have a child..thanks to your dolls cathy!!! your an amazing artist
-- Anne Leske, 8/27/11


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