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Cathy Brady Artist Hello Cathy my name is Billie, and I’m the mummy of a very special baby 殺 I wanted to thank you very much for her! She is worth more than anything. I love her very much and I give her cuddles every day  She is beautiful and she sleeps for very long  and last Saturday, we went shopping for her! We bought so many beautiful clothes, including this floral onesie in the photo. Her name is Bonnie. Thank you very much, I am a very proud mummy ☺️ From Billie
-- Cathy Brady Artist , 6/6/20

The entire layby and purchase was so hassle free and easy with the amazingly talented Cathy, who has been so lovely to deal with. When I first opened the safely packed box and held this gorgeous little baby boy he took my breath away with how incredibly realistic and perfect he looked. Cathy is the best of the best and her babies really are a piece of art brought to life with her meticulous attention to detail! Thanks again Cathy xx
-- Penny, 11/24/19

Cathy thank you so much for baby Leo now ozayer,he is just so gorgeousthank you for Saturday at your opening I enjoyed meeting you 
-- Glenys, 12/3/18

Dear future mums and dads, My little girl Antonia-lee arrived home today, I am overwhelmed with her delicate, detailed sculpt. I have fell in love with her, she is just beautifully, my partner couldn't get over how real she looks, from the veins to the blotches, the shading of colours are so life like, i had to touch her a couple of times its all in credible and a credit to you Cathy. Your artistic work shows how much dedication your have for each beautiful baby, I wouldn't hesitate in getting one for a granddaughter. Many thanks Leeanne 
-- Leeanne Golding , 11/1/18

It was with such excitement I received baby Ava today. Thankyou very much for taking the time and effort into creating such a beautiful baby for me. She is so much more then i could have imagined. If I ever decide on adopting another baby, I definitely would choose you. I am over the moon and am so grateful for baby Ava.
-- Hayley, 9/21/18

Cathy is absolutely incredible at reborning babies and I can not recommend her enough!! I have 3 gorgeous baby girls from Cathy and I love them to bits! I have a YouTube channel where I post role play videos with the babies and lots of other baby related videos, I am constantly getting asked “who made your gorgeous baby” or “your baby is the most realistic Reborn I have ever seen”. I love receiving these comments and I always leave Cathy’s link for people to see! Adopting a baby from Cathy is always an amazing experience and her work continues to surprise me whenever I open a new bubba. Cathy is a incredibly good at what she does and I can’t thank her enough for my baby girls! Thankyou Cathy!! Lots of love from MGRL & The Bubs xxxx
-- My Great Reborn Life , 12/26/17

Dear Cathy.....Wow what an amazing lady you are from our long conversation on the phone to the arrival of our special Christmas surprise of baby Sophie.We presented Sophie in a mosses in a cradle bassinett wrapped in a pretty pink blanket with her 1st christmas puppy dog that she came with. When Summa laid eyes on her on Christmas morning she was shocked to see a beautiful baby inside and instantly she feel in love. Sophie is absolutely perfect in everyway with the most amazing detail to eye.She has bought so much joy and happiness to my 9.5 year old daughter who takes her every where she goes in her Bugaboo pram.... Her true motherly instincts are shining!! Sophie has been very welcomed into our family with love, cuddles, endless outfit changes and a million photos!!! We can't thank you enough for our beautiful and very special little baby girl. Best christmas present EVER. With love & many thanks from Rachael, Summa and baby Sophie xxx
-- Rachael Bennet , 12/26/17

Cathy you are absolutely amazing! My daughter was beside herself with joy when she received her baby today for Christmas. She has carefully examined every bit of her and we are in awe of the intricate detail you have put into creating her ... such a work of art. Thank you so much!! From Sieanna (9 y/o) "Thank you so much ... I couldn't have gotten anything better for Christmas!"
-- Vanessa Fotheringham, 12/24/17

received our twins , it was nice talking to you throughout the process, you did such a beautiful job on the twins, they were so worth the wait. you're such an amazing person! :)
-- Jacqui, 12/7/17

Hi Cathy, Just wanted to thank you so much for our new addition to the family. Adam (now Elijah) arrived safely yesterday and has been adored by all the family since. He is beautiful and cute as with wonderful lifelike detail. You certainly are gifted in creating these little ones and Elijah will be very well cared for. Wonderful service, very professional, nothing a problem and the results stunning. Once again Cathy, thank you soooo much and I am sure we will be in touch in the future. Regard, Jenny -- Jenny Kitchin, 6/12/17:
-- Jenny Kitchin, 12/5/17

Dear Cathy, The twins have arrived and they are home safe and sound! I am very happy with them. They are more then I could imagine. They are so amazing, there are no words to describe how happy and appreciative I am for you spending your time to make me the worlds best reborns!!!! I really appreciate you making these unspeakable reborns!!!! Thank you so much  As soon as I got them I couldn't stop playing with them and I still can't. Thank you so so So so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much for making best reborns ever, and even the gifts that came with them are just amazing! Thank you for making my dreams come true! Love Brydie xx
-- Brydie Mitchell-2017, 10/3/17

Oh Thank you Cathy for my wonderfull surprize in the mail..i received rubys gifts today and certifcate :) Ruby and i where so happy and you where very generous and thoughtfull..Thank you thank you Brady Family xxx Hope your feeling better love..
-- Belinda Moroney, 5/28/17

Cathy Brady Artist Hi Cathy, My baby Sarah arrived this morning and I very nervously opened up the parcel not knowing if my expectations would be too high. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw her, she surpassed all my expectations. What an amazingly talented lady you are to bring a doll to life. I'm looking forward to visiting your shop in Morpeth. This looks like the start of a new found interest. Kindest regards and thanks, Rinatte on behalf -- Rinatte Campbell, 2/23/17:
-- Cathy Brady Artist , 2/22/17

What an experience!!!! An absolute pleasure dealing with you Cathy. From the beginning to end. Thankyou for creating the most beautiful baby doll a 7 year old could ever wish for.. At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend this much on a doll for my daughter. When I received it I was totally amazed. It was worth every cent. Lily just loves it so much and so does everyone that see's it!!! Thankyou Cathy xx
-- Mel Mauro, 1/3/17

Cathy Brady Artist Cathy you have made my visit to your store so exciting and memorable. I put my daughters name on the ticket as she lives in Thornton. Can you imagine me arriving home in NZ and the phone rang from my daughter saying we had won beautiful baby Max! Cannot describe the joy! My other daughter who is a midwife here in NZ cannot believe that we have won this for her to go to her clinic. He is a very precious little new addition to our family. Thank you Cathy for this wonderful opportunity, I thoroughly enjoyed your expedition and will be definitely coming back to see you on my return. You are a very talented crafts person who has given my family such joy. We cannot wait till baby Max arrives in NZ. Arahunui. -- Barbara Sadlier, 8/31/16
-- Cathy Brady Artist , 8/31/16

I have adopted a few babies from Cathy and I would just like to say a big thank you for making all my adoptions so easy. My email questions are always answered quickly and delivery of my babies has always been prompt with great communication and updates throughout. And you make beautiful babies! I have just received my gorgeous little Princess Charlotte. She is just adorable with great attention to detail and she has been dressed beautifully. She has already had her first outing to visit “Grandma” who was equally impressed. You are a pleasure to deal with and a real treasure. Thanks again Cathy. Sandra
-- Sandra Rooney, 7/18/16

Dear Cathy, Thank you very much for all your help - you provide not only a wonderful product but a wonderful service and i am very grateful for all your help in making my daughter's birthday such a special one.
-- Kerri Ellis, 7/17/16

Dear Cathy, thank you so much for our beautiful Kimberly reborn for my daughter's birthday. We were amazed at the realness and attention to detail of our gorgeous baby and could not be happier. You were very kind to custom make our baby in such a short amount of time. We are heading on a family holiday next week and my daughter has been shopping for everything her reborn will need for our trip. Thank you again, you have been an absolute pleasure to deal with, keeping us informed every step of the way.
-- Rebecca Flood, 1/14/16

Hi Cathy. I can't thank you enough for the beautiful portrait baby you made of my granddaughter Isla, for my daughter Megan for Christmas 2015. When I opened up the box I was amazed at the likeness to Isla. When my daughter opened her present Christmas Day she goes "OMG it's so much like Isla". Even little Isla at 17 months loves the baby. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the pleasure you have brought us. You are one amazing artist. For anyone that needs to know Cathy is one great lady in communicating with you replies to emails very quickly, I know sometimes it can be a bit off putting doing orders over the internet, if this is holding you back you don't have a worry. Once again Cathy thank you so much, you have created one beautiful baby for us!!!!!!
-- Betty Mcginty, 12/30/15

Hi Cathy, I can't thank you enough for my beautiful Baby keepsakes for myself and my 2 Daughters of my second Daughter Amy who passed away when she was 4 1/2 hours old. Amy was born with Spina Bifida and Hydracephalus and sadly I never got to hold her when she was alive. I can now cuddle Amy whenever I need to  If anybody has suffered the loss of a child, I would highly recommend having Cathy create a keepsake Baby for you. Thanks again Cathy. LovecLinda xxx 
-- Linda Miles, 7/22/15

Hi Cathy. I hope you had a great Xmas. We had quite a house full this year and my "baby family" proved to be very popular, even the boys had to take a peek. It was interesting to watch how the girls handled them - patting them and rocking them just as if they were holding real babies. As you know I have Liam, Sophie, my silicone boy Blake and of course the gorgeous Quinn! Each one was made a fuss of but Quinn stole the show - he is just so realistic, cute and adorable and of course they were all dressed in their Xmas best - very cute. My 27 year old niece made the comment that she found it quite soothing holding them plus a little emotional. She has just recently become engaged so maybe her maternal instincts are clicking in! While I've taken the virtual tour of your lovely shop I am really looking forward to taking the real tour and catching up with you in person in May. I may even come home with baby No. 5 - they are very addictive! But they also bring a lot of joy. All the very best for 2015. Regards. Sandra.
-- Sandra Rooney, 1/3/15

Cathy Brady Artist Dear Cathy, Thankyou for the wonderful Reborn boy “Joshua” that you have made with such care and skill for my daughter. This is her second reborn and if history repeats itself then Joshua will be very much loved like her first Reborn “Brianna”. Our daughter has struggled through her childhood coping with ADHD, anxiety and a learning disorder. We chose not to medicate her and have done our best to shape her into a responsible young lady with a positive future, so I would like to let you know the wonderful impact her love for Reborn dolls has done for her. 12 months ago we purchased a beautiful Reborn from you for her Christmas present. She was over the moon with joy. It was the Christmas before she was due to start high school and I have to admit to having many a sleepless night worrying about how she would cope at a new, larger school. I was concerned that her anxiety at new situations would mean she would have a hard time adapting. I needn’t have worried. She spent the holidays watching Reborn videos on Youtube and had soon purchased enough baby accessories to make even the fussiest mother envious....clothes, dummies, bottles and toys. She learnt by watching these videos that there were “routines” that you could start – changing the nappy, feeding time etc. She also learnt how to make her own magnetic dummies and how to have realistic milk in the bottles. Let me tell you that her Reborn does not sit on a shelf gathering dust, she is loved and cuddled every day! She was soon starting each day doing her routines with Brianna, and while I was busy worrying that she may be spending too much time watching Youtube videos and buying so many things I didn’t notice that she had established these routines. She was even reading bedtime stories to Brianna each night which has improved her reading skills immensely. When school started and she entered year 7 we were surprised at how easily she started routines in the morning to get herself ready, she got her breakfast organised, made her lunch, showered and got dressed, packed her books and made sure her homework was done – all without me nagging!! She quickly adapted to the new school and has made a lot of new friends (something she struggled with until this year). All of these positive changes I can honestly say were the result of having a Reborn doll in her life. I know that in the future when she has children of her own she will be a loving, patient and doting parent, even though in the past she had a short fuse and short attention span. While some people may be surprised at her obsession, my husband and I are completely accepting and in awe of the enormous changes it has brought. Her school work has improved and throughout the year she received 3 commendations (quite an achievement!) she has made new friends, gained the respect of teachers who tell me “I wish everyone in her class was the same as her....she’s a pleasure to teach”. Her maturity and responsibility levels have skyrocketed this year too. So Thankyou once again for her new Reborn boy, Joshua.......she is counting the days until Christmas this year and waiting in anticipation to having another baby to love and cherish. Regards, LW (Posted on behalf of LW)
-- Cathy Brady Artist , 9/26/13

Cathy Brady Artist Dear Cathy, Words fail me. I picked him up first thing this morning, and I had to drive around on errands with the box in the back. I couldn't undo it as you had packed it so firmly. As I was driving all I could think about was this precious bundle in the back seat. I couldn't wait to get home and hold him. I have just put him in the bassinet. I had tears in my eyes, I felt so much emotion. I cannot thank you enough ~ on behalf of Shirley WA
-- Cathy Brady Artist , 7/24/13

Cathy Brady Artist Hi Cathy, Firstly, I love the way you present your site on line. It gives so much information and is easy to review. Being able to ring on the phone and discuss things is a big plus. If people are looking to buy online, I highly recommend your work. I love the dolls expressions and the delicate painting. The dolls always come with a lovely rug and little extras and are well packed ~ on behalf of Lynette .G Australia
-- Cathy Brady Artist , 1/16/13

My sweet baby girl has settled in nicely, I'm so glad it all worked out nicely and I got her, it must of been meant to be! Still can't believe she isn't a real baby being sooo life like. Definitely worth it !
-- Tenneille Trees, 12/17/12

Cathy Brady Artist Hi there, hope your keeping well & you're enjoying your Paris, Jane was adopted from the shop today, she was a 20" cutie, for any furture inquiries please contact me via my 'contact the artist' link so I can reply via email.. Thanks!
-- Cathy Brady Artist , 6/17/12


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