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Christmas & burnout


Hi fellow Artists
Now the countdown to Christmas 
Is on its time to bring up the issue if ‘burning out’
All my life I have worked long and diligently to get my work out there galleries, various websites, shows, fairs you name it. All hoping one day my orders would pick up, if sell more and so on
I am sure many would be in complete agreeance & know exactly what I am talking about? 
Well that was the first part of my art career where I cried buckets of tears telling myself to never give up, but I have a strong will I just kept pushing my boundaries, learning what I can to improve what ever as long as I was motivated and improving to the best of my personal abilities then what seems like all of a sudden... that wanting for change came and went in a blink. About 15 years ago or more? my art did a complete flip and I have been insanely busy ever since. Great you would say? Well yes it certainly is I finally can say I get regular full time work & that I don’t need to go out and find, i meet interesting people and I’m offered exciting opportunities and so much more.
But the problem is... I am getting older and my heart is incredibly willing but my gosh darn body isn’t Playing the game!
Finally gotten to where I want to be and I am feeling the tickle of burnout more and more often
Trying to keep up with the monster created.
My Christmas orders are always quite full on, deadlines tight, all the while.. Trying to avoid hearing my body calling out my name, my worn out shoulder on my painting arm, carpel  tunnel arthritic hands and fingers with alternating blisters and callouses all from the brush. Over the years the bone in my finger seems to have made way for the resting spot if my brush. 
So anyhow.. all this rambling how to avoid burnout? And still get the orders done?
My trick is to just do it! Keep doing my full days of painting setting daily goals, not finishing my days work until the goals are met. I know what I’m capable of I’ve certainly done it all before. But I am human good days and bad days sigh 
My husband says ... “rest up” 
However the work sits waiting calling out..
Deadlines looming closer and closer
Eat well, sleep, know when to have a break, 
Drink plenty of water 
And No distractions.
My orders will go out this year as they have every year before, like Dory, just keep painting and maybe next year I can implement changes for a more balanced life?
Wait and see shall we?
Don’t burn out my artist friends, never give up on your dreams just pace yourselves and remember you are now reaping all you have sewn from the past hard afforts!
Merry Christmas- Artist Cathy Brady Australia 


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