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Inspirational message from Artist - Cathy Brady


Hi there,

I am finally getting some time to create some fresh new works,

I only get a chance to do these between commissions. I have been really busy filling orders. So having the oportunity to create what I want is a real treat.

I adore painting still life, I am a bit of a gatherer, sooo when I get the oportunity I browse antique stores looking for a special little something that will bring another painting to life. Inspiration is everywhere!

If you are an artist reading this for yourself, and you may be feeling a little uninsipred...

Ask yourself

What do I love?

What do I enjoy?

then paint that... I'm sure at the very least you will inspire yourself to get a little more out of life.. & if you hear a little voice that says "I cant or you cant paint that!" for heavens sake paint and the voice will be silenced... 

Well that's it for now... If you are interested in upcoming works sign my guestbook & I'll keep you posted.

Happy painting Cathy .... 


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Donkey Society of Victoria - Readers Reccomendation


Dear Cathy,

I am writing to you as editor of the DSV newsletter, Our bi-monthly publication has a section we call "members recommendations" - I was recently contacted with a recommendation to you which will be printed in our september newsletter. Thankyou for giving us permission to include a copy of "Remmy the donkeys" portrait to go along with the article. 

 L.Hall - Donkey Society of Victoria


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