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To further assist you with taking & choosing photos for your portrait, I have provided information & a checklist that is designed to help with your photo taking process...
Also go to Galleries - Photo samples do's & don'ts
Remember this is your chance to have fun with your own imput on your portrait process, so be creative & dont be shy, taking a risk to pose can result in a magnificent portrait . If you get stuck or want help further I am only an email away!
*Using a camera 100 or 200 speed film is fine, take 36 exposures, preferrably using a camera with zoom giving you the opportunity zoom in close to subject to get details; like eyes, nose mouth etc.
*TIP zoom is a great feature because is reduces blurred images. To further avoid blur use a tripod if you have one. .
of course the down side of film cameras is...
you have the expense & delay of waiting to see how your pics have turned out...

Where as...

Digital cameras if you have one, works the best. You are able to instantly see the images you have taken, this faster process of course means you are able to get them to me quicker.
TIP* Use your digital cameras highest resolution it supports 3.1{or higher} to capture the greatest detail.
Dont forget to zoom in for closer details eyes, mouth, nose, hands etc... these are all importrant features of a portrait.
Detail counts...if you can see the detail so can I.

*TIP* Taking photos outside in early morning or late afternoon on a nice day creates lovely elongated interesting artistic shadows. for a portrait try positioning semi side / face on, with the light to one side {on the side facing you}, this has a lovely affect. creates nice shadows & a nice feel to the portrait.

*TIP* using the checklist below will assist you.dont be afraid to get creative, include the hands in a semi side on pose ie, one arm, shoulder & hand can create interest in a portrait. so does bare shoulders, short sleeves Dress up, if you have a favourite item of clothing but the colours not right, remember artisit privialage I can change the colour if need be in the portrait. For women dont forget to wear your jewellry, this works great as well ...
The best is to just have a go & see what works best for you.

*TIP*if your having trouble getting the photo you want, get someone to hold the pet while you zoom in close for the portrait shot. Remember details... Dont forget to try from different angles, a different veiw may be the beloved pets best side.

*TIP* To take the best photo of your house, take it on a nice sunny day with lovely sunlight & cast shdows at the most desirable angle {your houses best side} & if you want you can try to include part of driveway or garden, remember artist privilage is to add lovely garden where there isnt one or where it may not be at its best.


1. Has your photo subject been taken from the most desirable angle?

2. Is the photo of upper body only? {Mid or bust line up}

3.Are the subject/s in the photo squinting or have red eyes?

4. Are the subjects in the photo pictured clearly with good lighting and shadows?

5.Is the number of subjects to be drawn the same as what's in the photo?

6. Are they faces in the photo too small, remember a small face means - no detail {small faces dont work}

7. Is your photo true to colour, eye colour, hair colour?

8.PLEASE Indicate the photo that best represents your hair colour, eye colour...

9. Finally... indicate the photo/s that appeal to you the most and why, this will and does help me to create a feel / mood within the artwork. Helps me get to know you a little more.


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