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Short segment for Weekend Sunrise

Hi Folks, over the years my art has taken my on quite a journey, started out as a painter chasing work as an artist where I could get it. Including exhibitions, galleries and the normal avenues. My passion for horses led me to re-sculpting  and painting realistic models which was popular and forfilling. Unfortunately the chemicals and sprays began to affect my general health and well being, in spite of masking and or ventilation. So I was looking for my next thing when it found me completely by accident. My love of portraiture always excited and interested me as we are so fundamentally different from one another with this love Of painting portraits behind me I was inspired to bring this techinique of painting realism to the art of painting Reborn Baby dolls this has became my all consuming passion And Everything with this has caught me off guard before I knew it my work was in high demand, I opened a shop, I was approached by tv shows and film companies and busy all year round and now I have the chance once again to briefly share my story where I will be on Australian tv show Weekend Sunrise. Filming starts Friday. Look forward to meeting the crew and seeing the final production scheduled to be shown Following Sunday morning EDLST Australia. Thanks for reading keep chasing your dreams my Artisan Friends Cathy Brady AU  
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