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No time for a break!

Happy New Year! I never like to start the New Year with too many plans as things always have a way of falling into place naturally. I have an enormous work load that is very overwhelming and our daughter has just become Engaged to her lovely boyfriend Congrats guys! and to add the all the change that's happening around us a brand new puppy has been thrown into the mix. Work wise currently I am working on a new baby double (doll that is) for S3 House Husbands very funny and popular Aussie TV series, countless custom orders on the go and more coming in OMG!!!, with HHS3 I feel privileged to have been asked to create another baby for the series, Big thank you very much guys!
while I'm working away in between it all I'm training a new pup, many who know me know that we just got a new pup last year, but heads up! this is yet another NEW pup!!! How crazy are we in my house? Theodore my daughters pup is doing so well with his training etc, we thought he would love a companion of the doggy persuasion, we love his breed which is poodle x Maltese, he is smart fun and great to train & he loves a challenge and hearing the new Poodle x cry is certainly a challenge for us all. Well best get back to it all Happy New Year! Keep Art Alive!


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