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to whom it may concern...
It is with great joy that I take this opportunity to share with you my experience with Cathy Brady, in her talent as an artist.
In 2003, Cathy gifted me with a portrait of myself.

Wow. It was a double Wow in that Cathy used a postage stamp sized picture of me, from the back of my brochure. There was no formal sitting - there was only this tiny black & white picture. Cathy created a portrait that took my breath away. She captured so much of me & expressed this in her portrait - she saw what I know is within me and most others do not see. WOW, magnificent, amazing, Awsome. These words pale in comparison to her talent.

Between 2003 and 2005 I was able to view many of Cathy's portraits and they continued to get 'better and better'.
I still do and I am still in awe.

In 2005, I commissioned Cathy to paint a portrait of my companion dog, Lucy. At this time Lucy was aged 18 years - a mature lady, with a young heart. Cathy's portrait, capturing Lucy's essence, spirit, character, expresses the Love that Lucy is - something that a photograph cannot do.

If you are considering or thinking about commissioning Cathy to do a portrait of you, a loved one or a loved animal, stop thinking and ACT NOW. You will be delighted and joy-ful with the result.

In addition to portraits, Cathy paints many other different veiws of life. Each painting is magnificent.

Cathy's ability is a true gift - bless yourself or antother with one of Cathy's paintings. I have and each recipient is so happy with their portrait. What a great way to share and spread Love.

A. Asmus - NSW, Australia.


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