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Baby Harry Potter ~ N/A

Baby Harry Potter ~ N/A

On the Door Step
Plus Extras: Chest with scrolls, letters, Train Ticket, Acceptance letter into Hogwarts,
Letter from Dumbledore to the Dursleys, Glasses, Wand, Hand made Blanket (Wizard in Training)
Special Certification


Details: Reborn Baby BOY
Weight ~ Realistically weighted TBA around 5.7lbs
Length ~ 19-20"
Eyes ~  Sleeping peacefully 
Limbs ~ 3/4 arms &  full legs
Body ~ Doe suede body custom for suitable limbs, perfectly weighted for baby feel realism with glass and polyfil for squishy feel
Hair ~ Hand applied m/r light brown realistic hair (premium mohair)
Painted & sealed~ GHSP for best quality and results.

Meet Baby Harry. Who's recently placed on the doorstep of his Aunt & Uncle house. After losing his parents little Harry is in great need of love and care. He has been lovingly hand painted using GHSP, creating natural skin tones, that includes; blushing, veining, manicured nails, not to forget his scar above his right brow.
He has mono-rooted brown hair. He wears his romper saying 'I'm waiting for my Hogwarts letter'... He is realistically weighted and feels truly real to hold.
He will come home with many extras a real must have for any adoring Harry fan.

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